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Greater Than provides unique and specialized small group training classes. These include – Gentle Flow Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Steel Mace Flow, Holistic Breathing, and Kinstretch. Classes are drop in fee or package oriented. You do not have to be a member to attend a class or receive a massage.


Women’s Bootcamp

Ladies only circuit-training style class, comprised of a warm up, 3 rounds of 4 to 6 stations, core burnout, and a fun finisher to cap off the class - this is a full body workout!


This class increases body control, prevents injuries, and increases joint health and physical longevity.

Therapeutic Yoga

Techniques used in therapeutic yoga include: Yoga Asana, Therapeutic and Somatic Movements, Pranayama Breathing Techniques, Guided Imagery and Visualization, Affirmations and Mantras, Meditation and Relaxation

Holistic Breathing

Breathing is a necessary activity that we often leave on auto-pilot. However, if you take control of your breath, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Gentle Flow Yoga

In this class, Naomi will take you through a gentle vinyasa flow, incorporating: Movement, Breath Work and Restorative Stretching. This class is accessible for all levels!

Steel Mace Flow

The Steel Mace is an unconventional piece of workout equipment used primarily in Functional Fitness & Strength Training, originally derived from Ancient Weapons Training around the world.</p> <p>Used to build strength & connection throughout the body – Steel Mace Flow incorporates a variety movement patterns, leverage outside the body, and consistently engaging the core to build a full body, comprehensive, functional training session.

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Greater Than Performance and Rehab is an all-inclusive facility designed to help improve all aspects of an individual’s health through holistic means.  We pride ourselves on having the best health and fitness practitioners in the business who display a wide array of specialties and certifications.


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