Why Greater Than?

Greater Than Performance and Rehab is a comprehensive wellness center in Dallas, Texas, comprised of the top trainers, therapists, and fitness instructors in the area. Our team of specialists integrate traditional and unconventional methods with a variety of modalities to help individuals and athletes of all ages recover from injury, treat chronic pain, and achieve their health and fitness goals. All services at GTPR are available to members and non-members, stop by or contact us today for rates and booking!



Greater Than Performance and Rehab offers a combination of services and high quality practitioners to bring you the best in personal training, massage therapy, chiropractic care, therapeutic training, physical therapy, and more. We treat the entire person in order to help them build a solid foundation for a healthy life. Click on a service below to learn more.


Here is what they say about us!

Sweet new spot for one-on-one personal training, group exercise classes with maces, kettlebells, yoga, rehabilitation and soft tissue work. Just big enough to get good workouts with various equipment from steel maces, kettlebells, sleds, skier erg, assault bikes, and just small enough to create a team and family environment. Definitely check out the steel mace classes! A short talk with Scott, the owner, will let you know you aren't working with your average personal trainer or rehab person. This place has definite potential to be greater than others, a future one stop spot for all your wellness and fitness needs.

Austin Ellis

Scott’s new gym is very impressive. It is state of the art. He has everything I need to continue to improve my health and stamina. But not so big as to be overwhelming. Scott and I have been training together over 5 years. He has helped me get younger over those 5 years. I recommend Scot and Greater Than Performance ... to anyone wanting a great place to workout and train.

Gerald Deats

Very cool space! I attended a workshop here over the weekend & was very pleased with the gym environment & amenities. The studio space is very well maintained & has an excellent variety of equipment & trainers.

Courtney Grace Fitness

The facility is very clean and features high quality equipment. My personal favorites are the infrared sauna and the rapid reboot compression. These tools aid in relaxation and recovery. Relative exclusivity and the outstanding staff of trainers, massage therapist, and class instructors separates GTPR from familiar gym franchises. The staff is well-educated and continue their education. Seminars and workshops are held here throughout the year. I highly recommend GTPR as the place to start or continue your training!

Jordan Burton

As a local Ironman Triathlete, Greater Than Performance & Rehab has been a great place for me to get the necessary functional training I need to be a well rounded athlete. The knowledge and instruction from the trainers is a huge necessity to incorporate into my training plan to improve my strength, power, mobility, and to prevent muscular imbalances and/or injuries. They are truly trusted experts in many areas and I highly recommend Greater Than Performance & Rehab to anyone looking to improve their fitness levels in any capacity and all levels!!!

Chelsea Neal

I absolutely love this place for a workout and recovery. Scott is an extremely knowledgeable trainer and therapist. I gravitate to him because he takes a holistic approach to wellness with his clients. Totally worth a visit. They’re also one of the few places in Dallas that offer mace classes which I’m excited to try. Very inspired to get healthy here!

Diane Line

This gym is beautiful! Lots of great light. The bathrooms are the best I’ve seen at a gym. Lots of great equipment. The infrared sauna is my favorite! Scott amd Amanda have put together a really wonderful place to work out and recover. Also my buddies are right next door at Soul Fighters Highland Park. Go check this place out!

Nancy Murphy Bowles

Went next door to train but the facility wasn't opened so decided to check out this place and Amanda catered to me right away and did an amazing last minute workout with an AWESOME burnout at the end! I would highly recommend this place to anyone who is tired of the boring gym lifestyle. This isn't your typical gym. They have state of the art equipment with friendly staff and great vibes!!!!

Rona Santiano

Scott is an excellent trainer who practices what he preaches. He goes out of his way to stay current with all the latest information and techniques to better service his clients. If you're looking for a trainer, you can't do better than Scott.

Thomas Wells