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Greater Than provides unique and specialized small group training classes. These include – Kinstretch, Move Strong, Booty Camp, Restore, and Steel Mace Flow. Classes are drop-in fee or package oriented. You do not have to be a member to attend a class.


teacher and class doing kinstretch in gym

Come learn this globally recognized method of movement enhancement systems – designed to develop maximum body control, flexibility, and USEABLE ranges of motion. In each class you’ll focus on a specific area of the body, working slow and controlled within your end range to strengthen each joint and improve overall mobility.

Move Strong

3 men working out with kettle bells

Become the best version of YOU in this 45min class broken into 3 equal parts of warm up, movement learning and HIIT. Designed to leave you feeling and moving stronger with a blend of kettlebell, bodyweight, and ground work exercises. Don’t just be strong – MOVE STRONG.

Booty Camp

girls posing together in a gym

This class focuses on Leg and Glute development, incorporating weightlifting, bands and body weight exercises that work for ALL fitness levels!

Kettlebell Power Hour

2 women and a man doing kettlebell swings outside of gym

Develop strength and power during this 1-hour class! Each class will be centered around kettlebell training, starting with a dynamic warm up, learning foundational movements and proper technique, then finished with a fun conditioning round.

Steel Mace Flow

steel mace flow class posing

The Steel Mace is an unconventional piece of workout equipment used primarily in Functional Fitness & Strength Training, originally derived from Ancient Weapons Training around the world.

Used to build strength & connection throughout the body – Steel Mace Flow incorporates a variety movement patterns, leverage outside the body, and consistently engaging the core to build a full body, comprehensive, functional training session.