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We are an all–inclusive rehab and performance center that houses high–level practitioners and unique, state of the art therapeutic modalities. We have the top trainers, therapists, group fitness instructors and specialists who have come together to create the ultimate athlete and client focused facility for improving overall health, wellness, and longevity in the Dallas area.



Greater Than Performance and Rehab is a comprehensive business built to help individuals and athletes of all ages recover from injury, treat chronic pain, grow stronger, and improve overall health and well being.

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Massage Therapy

We offer a multitude of different Massage Therapy styles and modalities.

Therapeutic Training

We offer a multitude of different Massage Therapy styles and modalities.

Personal Training

We pride ourselves on having the best quality and highest accredited personal trainers in the DFW metroplex.

Physical Therapy

Our therapists are skilled in working with athletes in all forms.

Boxing or Kickboxing

Boxing/Kickboxing are great for both physical and defense training.

Infrared Clearlight Sauna

An infrared sauna’s deep penetrating heat increases the blood flow which pumps nutrients and oxygen rich blood to every cell of the body including the skin.

Rapid Reboot Compression Therapy

Compression therapy helps aid in recovery, moving fluid through tissue at a faster rate.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a common treatment technique in orthopedic manual physical therapy.


Our Team of Professionals

We have put together a comprehensive team of holistic health care providers under one roof.


Improving Performance

Whether your goals are to improve physical and mental performance, increased weight loss, muscle gain, or to just become an all-around healthier individual – the team at Greater Than can get you there.


Therapy, Recovery, and Pain Management

We offer a multitude of different Massage Therapy styles and modalities.

Reviews from you

Awesome new facility. Looking forward to getting in shape and BJJ rehab.

Haleigh Bodin

Scott is an excellent trainer who practices what he preaches. He goes out of his way to stay current with all the latest information and techniques to better service his clients. If you're looking for a trainer, you can't do better than Scott.

Thomas Wells

I highly recommend joining the steel mace class for not only a physical but mental workout! Challenging and fun all in one!

Cyndi Cramblett

Scott is very knowledgeable in many different techniques that helps humans move better and pain free from athletes to anyone who wants optimize their human movement potential.

Marius Maianu

Awesome place. Very new and clean. A great place for high performance training!

Jason Marshall


We are here to help you reach your goals


Greater Than Performance and Rehab is an all-inclusive facility designed to help improve all aspects of an individual’s health through holistic means.  We pride ourselves on having the best health and fitness practitioners in the business who display a wide array of specialties and certifications.


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